This article was from the Bi Centennial book of Ohio New York. 

History of the Ohio Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club

What better location for a snowmobiler's paradise that the open country of Ohio where winter comes early and stays late. The Ohio Ridge Riders Club was formed on January 3, 1968.The first president was James O'Conner. Other founding officers were: Dan Turnbaugh, Vice President; Harold Coleman, Treasurer; and Gen Coleman, Secretary. There were nine members at the first meeting.By the end of the first year there were 131 members.The first annual Ohio Ridge Riders clambake was held in August of 1968 and later turned into the Snowbash in 1992.

In December of 1969, Charles Redmond was elected president until the present.Other 1973 officers include Vice President, William Weakley; treasurer, Harold Coleman; and Secretary, Gen Coleman. 

In January of 1970 the group joined the New York State Council of Snowmobiles.In March of that year, Frank Cristman donated an acre of land where the "picnic in the woods" is held twice during each snowmobile season. In December of 1971, the Club purchased the Christman Farm, which consists of the house, garage, and about 20 acres.An agreement was made with the Chrisman’s that they would live there the rest of their natural lives.

 Also in December of 1971, a life membership program was started and there are at present 26 life members.Membership grew to its highest total in 1972 with 512 members and currently stands at over 400 members. This active, strong organization does much to promote the sport of snowmobiling in the area.